Tuesday, June 15, 2010

me try sew

That pretty sums up my level of needle-and-thread literacy.

A while back we were lucky to receive some scraps of fabric over at rice babies. She was even so sweet as to include a note offering to sew the pillows together once the girls had colored them.

Apparently my lack of sewing skills has permeated the greater blogosphere.

We had a bit of a slow afternoon so I let the girls have at it with some fabric markers.

Maddie would only color on that left-hand window for some reason. I even tried turning the fabric to face a different direction thinking she was coloring what was closer to her. But alas, she kept coloring the same window.

After, I suggested -- to the girls horror -- that we sacrifice a little-used stuffed animal to finish off our pillows.

In the end I climbed up into my linen cabinet, brought down a vacuum-packed bag and found a pillow that we weren't using.

My finish work on the pillow is -- well, let's just say it's sub-par.

But the Little Wickies don't seem to mind.


ricebabies said...

Thats so great!!! I love them, and Im so happy your little ones had a good time. I laughed my head off at the sacrafice of a stuffed animal. ha ha
I could just imagine the horror in their faces.

Sandy a la Mode said...

sooo cute!! i LOVE that you let your girls color the pillows, what a fun activity! you are too funny about those stuffed animals!