Wednesday, April 14, 2010

disgusting the few friends we have

I'm a self-proclaimed DIY-er.

This means I do things myself. It does not mean I do them well.

A couple of weeks ago I gave our ledges a fresh coat of paint.


Last week I started spray-painting the shutters black.

I called our friend Ray who is a professional painter to ask a quick question. He immediately started laying into me about how I was doing it all wrong.

He is a very passionate person and I daresay can get a little rilled up at times.

An encapsulated version of our conversation went like this:

"You're what? With spray paint, why?! What kind of spray paint?!"

"Um, the can says wood, metal and more."

"Ugh, I'm getting nauseous hearing about all this."


Recently the crest from Katie's cape starting falling off. (Yes, we still have this cape -- and mask I might add).

So I pulled out my pathetic-excuse-for-a-sewing kit and set to work.

Suffice it to say, I am a terrible seamstress.

Hey Miyo, does this make you want to throw up in your mouth a little?

And, no that's not extra thread, that's a knot which I somehow created. If I cut it off, I fear the stitching would probably all come out.


Tabitha said...

LOL Becky! I am sure your shutters will be better than they were and your sewing looks just fine for a kids dress up toy. I think of it like this: daring to try is the only way to learn and get better, if one is so afraid of failing or not being perfect that they don't even try, then they will never better themselves. It is a "you have to walk before you run" attitude. So keep trying, your doing great! Just so long as you don't work on your car brakes or your house electrical etc. without some professional assistance ;)

Kati said...

I'm with Tabitha! I too would bust out spray paint (ummm and have) and as for sewing....I can sew basic shapes..that's it. Even the Jedi Robes for Ben's party were too advanced for me.....ask test robe could have qualified him for dancing with the stars......

Jennifer said...

The paint job looks great. The only person who will see them that up close will be Ray, anyway. And the sewing... if Katie complains, tell her to do it herself. :)

miyo b. said...

omg - this post is hilarious!!! all you need to do is ask for help, but i don't think the word, "help" can actually be uttered anyone in the wick's household. still have that other sewing machine in my closet - and of course, the new one is living on my dining table so all you have to do is bring your stuff on over!

jozen said...

haha, you are cute. i get like that sometimes too and more often than not mu hubby has to redo my home "renos!"