Sunday, April 4, 2010

further tales from the city

We had a lot of fun little outings when we were last in the Bay Area.

One morning we headed into the City on the train.

Last time, we unnecessarily brought a stroller prohibiting us from getting on a cable car.

This time we knew better and ditched the stroller all together (and we had Papa with us which greatly helped).

So the Little Wickies ...

got to go on their first cable car ride!

We watched them turn the car around, just like in our book.

Katie at the turnaround

Then we headed over to Mama's old house of worship to catch a bite to eat.

yes, that's Nordstrom's.

The girls loved the train, the cable car and perhaps even more so all the elevators and escalators in the city.

When you live in a town where there are probably no more than a handful of elevators that go more than four-stories high this is big.


jen@odbt said...

Love the last shot.

ricebabies said...

Looks like a great day. I love how the things we take for granted excited children. It lets us relive the magic of childhood again.

Kati said...

I heart jealous that you get to take your kids exploring there!

jozen said...

your girls are beautiful.. thanks for sharing :)

dana said...

you are seriously too cute Becky. Fun to see pics of you in there too.