Thursday, April 1, 2010

fooling a four-year-old is fun

I saw this last year and thought -- oh yeah, I've got to something like that next year.

It started with a trip outside to get the newspaper.

She spotted the coins we sneakily super-glued to the ground. She must have tried to pick those up for at least 2 minutes.

Then we came inside and stuffed Papa's house shoes with newspaper. She could not stop laughing while doing this. I just couldn't get a shot behind her rats-nest-I- just-woke-up-hair.

When Katie went to get a glass this morning, balls tumbled out on her which she thought was hilarious.

Then, for lunch we had this...

Which was actually pound cake with orange-tinted frosting.

In the end she didn't eat it telling me "I like real grilled cheese sandwiches better."

I think she was so put off by the way it looked which was funny, because she really likes sweets.

We also had "juice."

Which was Jello of course.

For dinner we had chicken pot pie.

Which was actually vanilla pudding with candy made to look like carrots, peas and corn.

By then Katie was on to me.

Today was definitely for the benefit of Katie. I'm pretty sure Maddie had no idea what was going on although she did enjoy eating the Jello.

Did you have any jokes played on you today?


Lyndsay said...

Those pictures are hilarious! As I told you, I was given "sushi" rice krispie treats for the rise, gummy bears for the middle and fruit roll around the outside, "spaghetti and meatballs" cupcakes with frosting in the shape of spaghetti with strawberry topping and chocolate/crispy balls, "cheese" for the spaghetti--white chocolate and the same juice trick only they said it was wine! I can't believe how creative people are!

jen@odbt said...

What fun. The "grilled cheese" is such a great idea.

I did not do anything for April Fools (gasp!)...I think next year we're going to pull a "the school called and you have school today b/c of all the snow days". We'll get the neighbors in on it too and how funny to see a bus stop full of kids during spring break.

joyfulgirl said...

the juice jello is too funny. and the pot pie looks so real. you went all out becky, i'm totally impressed!

the best of my jokes was to rig the sink sprayer with a rubber band which shot matt in the stomach when he turned the water on. oh, and telling my girls that i'm preggo...they're still wondering about that one. kind of cruel, since maya's been asking for a baby brother for years now.

Geoyce said...


jozen said...

wow!! awesome job!! i was an april fool TWICE.

dana said...

too funny! I'm impressed with all that you did! Katie's reactions are priceless. Great stuff

Jennifer Young said...

LOL again. I'm speechless. haha amazing!