Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a dose of diesel

Yesterday waiting in the doctor's office

Earlier this week Papa watched about 2 minutes of the movie XXX with the girls in the room before we left for dinner.

Me: Are you sure that is something they should be seeing?

Papa: It’s on basic cable, it should be okay.

Scene synopsis: It’s a car chase, which turns to a boat chase, all with lots of shooting and blowing up of things. Apparently, there is a bomb on a boat headed for the city, Vin Diesel takes control of the boat (whew!) and manages to make the boat dive down deep into the water so it explodes away from the city (and only to the detriment of the marine eco-system below).

As you can imagine my girls don’t experience a lot of this kind of programming and the questions (pun intended) came fast and furious…

Maddie (watching a rocket launcher blast from the top of the car): Is that a magic car?

Katie: Did they buy the car like that? Or, did they add those things to the car?

Papa: Those would be aftermarket purchases.

Katie: What’s an aftermarket purchase?

And then...

…Why did he jump on the boat…why was there a computer on the boat…how did he make the boat go underwater (a very valid question)…what was the boat’s job before…is that girl his friend, or are they boyfriend and does he arrest someone...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the things they see

Three firemen walk by and say "hi" to the girls at the supermarket today.

My girls turn shy and Katie sort of waves at them.

KT: Why do we say 'hi' to firemen?

Me: Because they are good helpers and it's okay to say hello to them.

We pass by the firemen a couple more times in the market.

Later in the car...

KT: How come only women said 'hi' to the firemen in the market? I didn't see any men say 'hi' to them.

Monday, March 12, 2012

almost spring

While Southern California gardens never go completely dormant, it sure is pretty when the new little flowers join the ever-blooming lavender, lantana and such.

Last weekend felt nice and slow in comparison to the last few weeks.

Saturday morning we just hung out in the backyard.

I painted the girls nails.

As Katie sat waiting for her nails to dry, "I finally have nails since I can't bite them."

We checked on our starter garden on the side yard where we have all sorts of things starting to poke through the soil.

I let the girls pick the seeds this year.

If everything makes it to the garden past its tender youth (we have major rabbit, snail and other critter issues) it will be sure to look quite eclectic back there.

Happy almost spring!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a misnomer

We had a very busy weekend which included Katie's talent show performance (video and photos to come later) and my friend's party (perhaps a post later see some video here - yes that's me in the back corner).

Then, at our Monday appointment the doctor discovered Katie's arm had moved out of alignment. We ended up spending the entire day in the hospital. The procedure wasn't so bad, it was the whole process leading into and coming out of anesthesia which proved to be trying.

Let me be clear: The picture above is a COMPLETE MISREPRESENTATION of the entire day which was filled with tears and whining. She smiled because she had been given her some "happy" juice. She still freaked out when they started wheeling her away, and I ended up in scrubs accompanying her in.

Whew what day.