Monday, March 12, 2012

almost spring

While Southern California gardens never go completely dormant, it sure is pretty when the new little flowers join the ever-blooming lavender, lantana and such.

Last weekend felt nice and slow in comparison to the last few weeks.

Saturday morning we just hung out in the backyard.

I painted the girls nails.

As Katie sat waiting for her nails to dry, "I finally have nails since I can't bite them."

We checked on our starter garden on the side yard where we have all sorts of things starting to poke through the soil.

I let the girls pick the seeds this year.

If everything makes it to the garden past its tender youth (we have major rabbit, snail and other critter issues) it will be sure to look quite eclectic back there.

Happy almost spring!


Sandy a la Mode said...

you have a chalkboard in your backyard?! that's soo cool!

Alely said...

that's awesome that you have a garden! i've always wanted to garden but i don't have a green thumb!

i must catch up and read your past posts. hoping to find out to katie's arm.

Jennifer Young said...

I love that chalkboard! So awesome.

Excited for spring on this end too!!