Wednesday, April 3, 2013

fools rush in

Upon waking up on April Fool's Day KT asked me, "How many jokes are you going to play today?!"

I attempted to tell her that you generally don't say, "I'm going to surprise you" before you surprise someone.

I got a blank stare in return.

It's always interesting to see what they think is most funny.  For example, they thought this was funny.

It opened a discussion on how Mo wishes Snoopy were a girl, that KT wasn't really like Charlie Brown, etc.

Mo thought this however, was hilarious:

KT has been obsessed with getting an allowance lately.  We've talked about agreeing on chores, and that Mom and Dad would need to have some discussions before anything is finalized.  

This morning I told her that we had finally agreed on the list.

This was her face as she got further down the list. 

(Photos are a little grainy, because she understands that when I get the camera out, there is going to be a April Fool's joke, so I had to be sly with my camera phone.)

This was her when we shouted "April Fool's!" at her. 

I switched their drawers around when they were sleeping, and put some "ha ha ha" notes in the toilet paper.

When they came out of their room in the morning they found this line to the bathroom.

I told Mo, "I'm sorry you're going to have to wait in line."

Mo replied, "But I have to go SUPER bad!"

After she cut in line and used the toilet I heard her say, "Okay Pluto, it's your turn."

For breakfast I put food dye in their cups and had them pour their milk own (I do this a lot anyway, because they think it's a blast).

KT laughed and understood what was going on pretty quick.

Mo was a bit more taken aback.

She didn't understand how it was working, she kept looking at the white milk in the creamer, and then back down at her orange juice-looking milk.

I flipped a bunch of pictures upside down in the house, and I also glued eyeballs on just about everything I could.  Mo got a kick out of this.

For snack, I put pudding in their cups to look like milk and placed eyeballs on top of the pudding.

Maybe next year we'll get a little "meaner," but for this year we just had fun.  Did you do anything fun with your kids?