Tuesday, July 17, 2012

things you don't want hear from someone behind you

Katie went biking tonight while I ran.  She's behind me on the path (where there are plenty of people)...

Katie:  Whoa mom, you're huge!
Me:  What?
Katie:  Your shadow, it's huge!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


... in fun, that is.  

That would be body surfing ladies and gentlemen even though the particular shot above may look otherwise.

We've been keeping busy with friends and family, parades, fireworks, camps and a short road trip this summer, but we've still managed to clock the minimum requisite beach time for our family (which is admittedly lot).

The other day we didn't have enough boogie boards for all the kids, so they decided to go back to the old standard of bodysurfing. 

We hit the beach one day with our out of town cousins.

This little guy won me over that week.

Another day Katie finally braved getting on Papa's stand up paddle board.

Papa said she was white-knuckled holding onto the board.

She was quite proud of herself afterwards.

Man, I love summer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

summer o' football

Little Wickie reaction upon seeing players' kids on the field after the championship game this weekend.

Mo:  Ooo!  Sparkly!

KT:  I wish I could be there with all that confetti.

Not "I wish I could meet Fernando Torres," or "I wish I could be at the final Euro Cup game."

I suppose it's kind of good thing, throwing metallic confetti on them is way more do-able than meeting Fernando Torres or attending a final Euro Cup game.

Next up: Olympic soccer and other Olympic sporting events.

What are you watching with your kids this summer?