Sunday, February 9, 2014

olympic hopefuls

Yup those are Christmas jammies -- but this post isn't about Christmas.

It's about the Winter Olympics of course.

I have fond memories of watching the Olympics as a kid, and the girls are just starting to get into it.

I love watching them trying to figure all the sports out.

Mo:  I can't wait for the gymnastics!
Me:  There isn't gymnastics in the Winter Olympics.
KT:  Why not, it's not like it's an outside sport.

Watching the biathlon competition
KT:  I think he has an extra pole in case he breaks one of his… WAIT… it's a gun!

Watching them try to do the ice skating move where they hold their skate above and behind their head in the living room was pretty hilarious too.
Mo:  Wait, I can do it, let me take my jeans off (she then precedes to try the move in her underwear)

Oh yeah, and this is back of the Christmas jammies...

Go Team USA!