Wednesday, January 23, 2013

leo carillo = lots of stuff to see

I have to admit,  we don't venture toward Los Angeles too often.  Mostly because, well, there are a lot of people when you head south.

Our friends convinced us to meet them at Leo Carillo Beach for low tide and I have to say.  I'm glad we went.

My kids are very satisfied with playing in the sand and just like being in the water.  My friend's kids like to do stuff.   And, this beach has lots of stuff to do.

There were the tide pools.

Caves to play in.

Because what's better than playing in a cave?

Playing in sand in a cave, or course.

And, there were tons of rocks to climb on.

The only drawback was that you can only wade in the water.  You can't really swim or boogie board as there are too many rocks.  

But, all in all another great beach.  

Thanks friends!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 of 2012

#1 - Just add water
That is how you can describe the vast majority of the Little Wickies happiest moments of 2012.  Both girls are pretty good swimmers now.  This proved significant on a recent trip to San Diego when it was 60 degrees, and the girls were in the pool while us rents sat in the hot tub.

#2 - boogie boarding babe
If we thought KT was impervious to cold water before, with her wetsuit she is unstoppable.  Armed with her spring suit, that girl charges into 50-degree water on overcast days like she's in the Bahamas.

#3 - Water + Mo = a happy Mo
Mo has truly excelled in the pool this year.  One of the most entertaining memories I have is her learning butterfly, her little backside popping up and down out of the water.

#4 - The year of boots
The first part of the year KT wore yellow rain boots adorned with dinosaurs practically every day of school.  Somewhere around summertime, the cowgirl boots made inroads and have been on her feet daily ever since.

#5 - wings, tiaras and the ever present yellow cardigan
While we are on the topic of fashion, Mo had at least a month-long stint where she wore fairy wings daily.  She also had a couple of solid weeks of tiara-wearing.  The accessory de jour was always accompanied by a dress and a yellow cardigan (we currently have 4 in rotation) -- the girl straight refuses to wear pants or a shirt.

#6 - uke girl
We took our first big vacation this year to Hawaii.  KT picked up her first ukulele in Kailua and has been strumming almost daily since our return.  

#7 - school days
Mo began preschool this year.  The day before the first day she chose a backpack that looked like an incarnated version of Michael Jackson's glove.  You know, to match the sequined shoes.

#8 - No. 1 fan
KT and I went to a handful of Galaxy games together this year, and she has become a devout fan.  Three days before Christmas she asked Santa for a "soccer ball signed by all the Galaxy players."  Maybe next year.

#9 - dancing queen
Mo started tap and ballet at a nearby studio and is absolutely in love.  Getting her up in the mornings is generally a chore except on ballet day, where she springs out bed.

#10 - Little Wickies world gets a little bigger.
2012 marked many things.  There were firsts from airplane trips and kayaking adventures to broken arms.  There were lost teeth, roller skating escapades and rainbow parties.  They fell in love with High School Musical and continued their love of the beach and each other.  All in all it was a good year.

Happy new year!