Wednesday, January 23, 2013

leo carillo = lots of stuff to see

I have to admit,  we don't venture toward Los Angeles too often.  Mostly because, well, there are a lot of people when you head south.

Our friends convinced us to meet them at Leo Carillo Beach for low tide and I have to say.  I'm glad we went.

My kids are very satisfied with playing in the sand and just like being in the water.  My friend's kids like to do stuff.   And, this beach has lots of stuff to do.

There were the tide pools.

Caves to play in.

Because what's better than playing in a cave?

Playing in sand in a cave, or course.

And, there were tons of rocks to climb on.

The only drawback was that you can only wade in the water.  You can't really swim or boogie board as there are too many rocks.  

But, all in all another great beach.  

Thanks friends!

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