Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a dose of diesel

Yesterday waiting in the doctor's office

Earlier this week Papa watched about 2 minutes of the movie XXX with the girls in the room before we left for dinner.

Me: Are you sure that is something they should be seeing?

Papa: It’s on basic cable, it should be okay.

Scene synopsis: It’s a car chase, which turns to a boat chase, all with lots of shooting and blowing up of things. Apparently, there is a bomb on a boat headed for the city, Vin Diesel takes control of the boat (whew!) and manages to make the boat dive down deep into the water so it explodes away from the city (and only to the detriment of the marine eco-system below).

As you can imagine my girls don’t experience a lot of this kind of programming and the questions (pun intended) came fast and furious…

Maddie (watching a rocket launcher blast from the top of the car): Is that a magic car?

Katie: Did they buy the car like that? Or, did they add those things to the car?

Papa: Those would be aftermarket purchases.

Katie: What’s an aftermarket purchase?

And then...

…Why did he jump on the boat…why was there a computer on the boat…how did he make the boat go underwater (a very valid question)…what was the boat’s job before…is that girl his friend, or are they boyfriend and does he arrest someone...

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ricebabies said... kids are the same, so you can imagine I watch a lot or ONLY kids stuff...but when Dad is home..oh boy.

Although one day I walked in the door and they all wanted to my surprise...Dad doesn't even cook, so I giggle at the thought of them watching that.