Sunday, April 1, 2012

hardy har har

For the last couple of years, Katie has delighted in April Fool's Day pranks (see here and here). She was super excited to see what I had planned for the Little Wickies this year (apparently I have built up her expectations).

They woke to find string attached to their door which subsequently ran throughout the house.

The string had a series of notes on it. A sampling...

And, finally...

Where they found this sign.

I pinned their underwear together which got a good laugh.

I froze their milk (again) and also dyed their liquid soap green which they thought was funny.

And, for the grand finale, I asked the girls to crack some eggs for me, which had brownies baked inside of them (see how to here).

Shocking they liked that as well...

What pranks did you play? I'll need some ideas for next year!


Jennifer Young said...

HAHA! Oh my goodness Becky, you are the best mom! What fun ideas. This cracked me up--I LOVE the brownies baked in the eggs, amazing!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are such a fun mom!!! i made these "faux cupcakes" and really tricked my family!!

Alely said...

that is so cool! loved that brownie inside the egg thingy majiggy!