Thursday, April 26, 2012

shave ice, noodles, rice and tofu

All Little Wickie favorites -- and in our favor, all mainstays on a vast majority of menus in Hawaii.

Okay, I've been to Hawaii at least a half a dozen times and have to ask:  Did they always offer ice cream under your shave ice?!  How could I have missed that before?

No one cared for my green tea and lychee shave ice, which I personally thought was delicious.  More for me.

Papa Wickie was most happy at the Kaliua Farmers Market which I have to say was outstanding.  A great mix of prepared food, baked and locally packaged foods and fresh produce.  

He is STILL talking about the Ahi appetizer and Ahi entree he had that night.

In fact, later in the week the draw of food was the only reason he agreed to go to the flea market.

Mo loved the plethora of frog instruments to play with at the flea market.

We let Papa Wickie do a bit of shopping as well.  He keeps talking about getting a SUP now.  I'm not entirely sure where it would fit in our garage with the current bevy surfboards and bikes that already claim residence in there, but we'll see.

And, of course there was plenty more water play.  We checked out the lagoons at Ko'Olina.  The whole place was eerily man made and perfect (the Disney resort is one of the resorts adjacent to the lagoons).

But, there were fish to see and the kids really did like the lagoons.

On the North Shore we saw a ton of fish at Shark's Cove by just wading in the water.

And, after a good hike, we took a dip in the falls at Maunawili.

At the airport on the way home we had a celebrity sighting that went something like this.

The guy checking in our luggage:  Hey, you see that haole over there with the yellow hat?
Me:  Yes.
Guy:  You watch the cooking channel?
Me:  Not anymore, it makes me too hungry.
Guy: He's some famous guy from that channel.

Not to leave you in suspense, it was Guy Fieri.  I, in fact, had no idea who he was (my culinary-trained sommelier brother did of course).

The plane home while less exciting for the girls went very smoothly.

Man, I can't believe our vacation is over already...


Kati said...

looks like a fabulous vacation!! and don't worry, after all the times I've driven into Malibu, I've never paid enough attention to the celebs that I find out the next day were where we were!

Sandy a la Mode said...

looked like an amazing trip!! ahhh i love lychee anything!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has Song realized that his pictures appear before thousands on little wickies and has learned to flex his stomach muscles during pics! Maybe its just P90X, looks like a great vacation and the girls appeared to be having a blast! That picture of Mattie is the air is awesome. I have the same hat as you, the three trees one!