Sunday, April 22, 2012

loving lanikai

Papa is a terrible traveller when it comes to time changes -- even when it's a mere 3 hour time difference. 

Katie is her father's daughter.

Hence, we watched the sunrise the first morning (above).

It's been less than two weeks but it already feels like our vacation was eons ago.

Pre-warning:  vacation pics will be coming in multiple posts.

This one is about the little town we stayed in.

Lanikai and the adjacent town Kaliua are a dream.  While a little windy, we loved that there were fewer people, perfectly fluffy sand and a tame ocean thanks to a reef that encircles the area. 

I was determined to find us a place that had a pool which I did -- which we used exactly once.

One block away, the Little Wickies preferred the beach.

As did Papa Wickie.

Right above the little neighborhood we stayed in was the beautiful Pill Box hike, recently made famous when President Obama hiked it during his Christmas vacation.

Just stunning panoramic views.

I can't imagine what a media zoo little Kaliua must have been when the President stayed there.  We kept seeing pictures of him around in town like at the shave ice place near us.

Finally, I looked up where he stayed and according a New York Times article it was super close to where we were so we checked it out.

Papa:  There is a guard box.
Me:  No one is there, drive through.
Papa:  I don't think it's a good idea.
Me:  They're not going to sniper us down, they'll just ask us to leave!  Pull over!  Katie get out of the car!
Katie:  Why?
Me:  Just hop out!  Stand right here and smile.
Katie:  Why?
Me:  Just smile!

The last morning, Katie and I went down for a morning swim before we had to head to the airport.  7:30 a.m., wading waist-deep in the water a sea turtle surfaced about 15 feet from us.  

It was a pretty cool ending to a fantastic (if short) trip.

More to come later about other adventures we had later...


Elle R. said...

awwww u made me smile, these pics are beautiful!!!

jen@odbt said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks like a beautiful family trip with lots of memories to treasure.

Jennifer Young said...

Stunning! I'm craving a vacation. :)

Jane said...

Becky, your family is BEAUTIFUL! It looks like you had an unforgettable time in Lanikai...

I'd love to feature your post on my travel site...shoot me an email if you're open: jane (at) dwellable (dot) com

I really do hope to hear from you!