Sunday, April 3, 2011

april foolio

The Little Wickies fully embraced the April Fool's "holiday" this year.

At first Katie didn't quite grasp what kind of jokes you're supposed to play.

"Mama, how about when Dad's not looking we tickle him?! Wouldn't that be a good joke to do?!"

We ended up changing the contents of his drawers and stuffing his closet full of balloons.

At breakfast I froze their spoons in their cereal bowl.

This actually delighted Katie who loves eating ice.

I also froze Katie's milk.

Dad was also totally on board with the joke-playing that morning. I had sugar in my coffee (yuck).

A total tip-off, Katie asked me all while giggling hysterically, "Mama? Are you going to get dressed now?" I found the contents of my drawers to be switched around.

Rushing everyone out to go to school I hastily grabbed my running shoes to find my laces backwards.

In the afternoon I utilized my little project on them.

I laid it down, called them over and asked sternly, "Girls, what happened here?"

"I didn't do it!" Katie called out immediately.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Chocowate," replied Maddie examining it more closely.


jen@odbt said...

Great fun! I love the laces - they got you ;) The smiles on their faces are fantastic!

Sandy a la Mode said...

hahahha omg you guys are just too much! looks like lots of ppl played jokes on each other, soo fun!! :)

Kati said...

jared gave me a stern warning not to include him in my the shoelace gag.... :)

Laura said...

Hilarious! These are memories your girls will have for a lifetime.

lydia said...

what an awesome mom you are!!

Jennifer Young said...