Monday, March 28, 2011

april fool's day prep work

Last year I performed a series of pranks on Katie on April Fool's Day. They were in fun, harmless and Katie loved them.

I did some homework this weekend and went out this morning and got some supplies (above).

This cracked me up -- I think I'll see if the husband wants to perform this trick on Katie.

Do you have any fun plans? I'm still looking for some fun and simple ideas.


jen@odbt said...

I'm intrigued. Better get my game face on. Once again...have nothing planned.

jozen said...

i loved your pranks from last year!! looking forward to this year...

is ventura/santa barbara close to LA? i will send you an email for sure!

Anonymous said...

Seriously step up your game and prank Song too. Try this one on for size, you sit him down and tell him the meds your taking counteracted the birth control and that you're pregnant!