Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the tiniest dancers

Kaitlyn had a little ballet performance last Friday, so you can imagine her surprise and elation when we received a package yesterday in the mail from the sweetest lady over at RiceBabies and found this inside.

Katie pointed out that they looked just like her and Dylann (who is practically an honorary Little Wickie) one with a single bun like Dylann, and the other with two like her.

"Did she know that's how Dylann and I were going to wear our hair?" Katie kept asking.

This morning I came out to the living room to find them performing for The Little People.

Thank you!


jen@odbt said...

That set is so cute. What a nice gift and I'm sure will be well loved in your home.

ricebabies said...

That is so cute. When I saw that Maddy had started classes too, I just ad to send them one.

miyo b. said...

So cute - this put a smile on my face at the end of a very long, hard day.

Alely said...

the girls are super duper too cute!

joyfulgirl said...

that is such a sweet little package...so nice to have blog buddies.