Thursday, March 17, 2011

little tokyo

I hadn't been to Little Tokyo in ages when I invited myself along with Miyo and her mom during a recent shopping trip.

It was a trifecta of fun -- Fun food. Fun shopping. Fun people.

We enjoyed "appetizers" before lunch including fried shumai and fried shrimp balls (which I'll pass on next time).

I'm still lamenting we didn't go back and get these when they were done.

Literally dozens upon dozens of pocky and pocky-type treats to chose from.

I love the nonsensical use of English on foreign wares. I think I giggled at almost every turn in many of the shops.

I ended up buying this because I mean who wouldn't want to "enjoy a time with me?"

An entire wall of bobble-head clocks.

I'm not sure if the thinking was to make clocks more fun, or to make bobble-heads more functional. Either way, loved them and might seriously shop though them next time.

And, then there was all the people watching.

I wasn't quite bold enough to take pictures of all the people we saw, but suffice it to say it was an eclectic mix of folks.

This green guy was collecting money for the Japan crisis.

It was all enjoyed, of course in good company.

Thanks for letting me tag along!


Sandy a la Mode said...

awww i LOVE little tokyo! the mochi ice cream and sushi, i die!!!

joyfulgirl said...

such a sweet picture of miyo and her mama! you are a great photographer my friend. i can't believe i'm saying this, but there's something very appealing/fun about those bobblehead clocks. i may have broken down and gotten one if i were there....good thing i wasn't.

miyo b. said...

it was a pleasure to have you come with us - we'll have to go back again! thanks for the sweet post!

Small Burst said...

i love japanese products and their use of words crack me up. My friend is always sending me something funny or cute. My favorite so far is a powdered drink called -get this- Pocari Sweat. Now, doesn't that just sound like it will quench your thirst? LOL.