Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We had a mini heat wave here which is hopefully breaking today.

So, for the third day in a row we hit the beach in the afternoon when it gets the hottest in our non-air conditioned house.

I love that we live close enough that we can go for just an hour or two to cool off for a bit (And, yes I am aware of the fact we live in one of the most moderate climates in the world.)

We brought some Yan-Yan treats. The girls had never had them before and Katie thought the sayings on the sticks were hilarious.

Apparently the Japanese guy at Meiji with an English thesaurus and 4-year old humor align because if you haven't seen the sticks, they are a bit -- um quirky.


Sandy a la Mode said...

lol love those random sayings on the yan yans!! oh man how i miss asian snacks!!

ricebabies said...

Those look like so much fun. My oldest loves fortune cookies, and always wants us to read the fortune, which we most ofetn make up to keep it fun. He would love those, must take a look around for them.

jozen said...

those are so cute and i love the pics... and your nail polish!

Small Burst said...

We love yan yans!!