Wednesday, September 15, 2010

imagination at play

We went to the beach yesterday with friends and it never ceases to amaze me how much imagination kids can have.

Last year the girls were afraid of the seaweed. This year, they have embraced it.

They've learned they can jump over it.

Go under it.

Make it into a lasso or "fish" with it.

Sometimes the old stairs are a bus that takes them to different places. They'll leap off run around on an adventure and then high-tail it back to the bus so they can "go" somewhere else.

Playing with feathers has also been a big hit these days. It still kind of grosses me out when I see my children carrying bouquets of dirty feathers.

But they were so happy yesterday making their garden (a.k.a. feather graveyard) and sprinkling it with sand and water.

There are even days when the girls will ignore everything around them and just sit in the sand and play as we don't have a sandbox in our backyard (we do) or sand isn't a fixture at virtually every playground we go to (it is).

I don't know what it is, I mean, my kids don't make sand angels at the playground.

Tent-building has become a popular activity at home, which has extended to the beach as well.

Nothing like trying to shove 4 girls under a single beach towel.

And, of course they love the water even though they don't quite swim, boogie board or body surf yet.

Here's to more beach days for everyone.


jen@odbt said...

While I'm grateful our season is cooling down, I'm so jealous of your beach time. So fun! I love the pic of the girls under the blanket.

Jennifer said...

Becky, you got some great pictures! Last time we were at the beach, Sharla was all about the seaweed as well. The picture of them dragging the heavy load of seaweed... looks rather familiar.

miyo b. said...

love all these shots - really captures all the fun we have every time we go to the beach with friends!

Small Burst said...

how fun! Looks absolutely beautiful there and what great pictures!