Friday, March 25, 2011

my little warrior

Today, after a long week of combat with mini-me, we had a wonderful afternoon without the taint of nasty words, timeouts or a battle of wills.

We climbed into bed together read stories, chatted then settled down for a little snooze.

Perhaps it's because I'm with her all the time being a SAHM, maybe it's because we have similar personalities, but we can really get to each other. Patience and constant communication are the only weapons I yield.

Three things I try to remember when it comes to Katie:

- Show her the respect I want her to show to me.
- Don't be afraid to be wrong or apologize when I am in fact wrong - no one is infallible.
- Repeatedly tell myself "she's only 5."

My little cherub.


Kati said...

there must have been something in the water...because Ben and I went several rounds this week too. oy.

jen@odbt said...

Must be in the water b/c I've been doing the rounds with my kids too. We are too much alike. Great reminders and great shot too.

Alely said...

awwww...such a sweet pic! it's like that with me and my oldest daughter and i believe its because we are too much alike too!

miyo b. said...

apparently you have to go away for a long weekend (alone). both of my kids have been so sweet and cuddly with me since i've been back.

jozen said...

HAHAHA... totally know how you feel.

my 5 year old is 5 going on 15 and my 3 year old is 3 going on 13.