Thursday, March 3, 2011

i am not a great reader, and I have pleasure in many things

I frequent two different book clubs.

I have to admit I almost force myself to participate in them because while I enjoy reading, I tend to gravitate towards authors that are -- well, dead.

The book clubs read more current literature which I feel I would ignore almost completely if it weren't for their picks.

I just finished Sandition by my perennial favorite author Jane Austen. It was a version that was completed by an anonymous writer since Austen died a mere 11 chapters in.

Not my favorite Austen book, but I did enjoy it.

I also just finished the audio book version of North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I mostly listened to it while working out.

However, as I got engrossed I found myself ignoring my family completely as I listened to it while performing such tasks as dishes after dinner.

The BBC film version of this movie is excellent.

I picked up an Edith Wharton book at the library and am going to tackle that next, but am looking to take up a more current novel as well.

What are you reading? What are your favorites?


Paper Couture Blog said...
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ricebabies said...

Too many, although mostly kids books for the last few years.

I truly loved A Moveable Feast, The Bell Jar, and The Catcher and the Rye. The Bell Jar is like a girl version of The Catcher and the Rye. I adore Hinds Feet on High Places, have read it many times over and am reading it again now.

With kids, I have to say i read less and audio more. ha ha How else can you clean a house and enjoy a book at the same time.

Kati said...

love jane austen.....and my first thought when I read "north & south" was the 1980's miniseries with Patrick Swayze. A classic in and of itself....

annabski said...

I'm reading, "This I Believe" the collection of essays put together by NPR, super interesting. I also started Little Women in an attempt to read the classics... AND most interesting of all, Teaching With Poverty in Mind, an absolute page turner for all! ;-)

jozen said...

i adore reading and will always, always pick reading a book over watching tv. i haven't read a good good book (you know what i mean?) in a long time....but a few months ago i read "the glass castle" and couldn't put it down.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Russian lit. No one beats Tolstoy and Doestevsky.