Saturday, April 30, 2011

give me some mo

So loving this little girl these days (I know, I've officially jinxed it now by typing that sentence).

I love how when she jumps around she either says, "hopscotch, hopscotch" or "salta!"

I love how she only calls Katie "sis," and never refers to her or calls her by her name.

I call her my little anime girl -- big 'ol round eyes on a little tiny face.

I love how all "L's" are pronounced as "W's." She calls her little friend Logan "woggie."

I need to take more video of her talking these days, because she's a crack up, and I know in a blink that little voice will be gone.

My brother has proclaimed she sounds like an elf.

Chapstick that has been "Maddie-ized"

Part elf, part robot, often sentences will start and end with the word "Mom," except it sounds like "Mam."

"Mam, you got big knife, Mam," she will say flatly as I'm cutting up her strawberries in the morning.

No, she's not practicing to be an Asian tourist
-- she's letting me know that's she's in fact, 2 years old.

Okay, enough gushing. I'll be sure to look back at this post another day when the girl is a teenager and driving me crazy.


jen@odbt said...

She is just so sweet and cute! I remember this age quite fondly. It was one of my favorite stages. Definitely enjoy all her mo-isms.

Jen said...

I feel the same about Malia- she cracks me up and melts my heart multiple times a day. I do think it's the age, and that I didn't appreciate my oldest enough at this stage so I'm trying to soak it up this time around.
And with those cute little ponies sticking out from her head, your Maddie is just a doll!

ricebabies said...

My almost 10 month old sat across from me stuffing his face with banana, he looked up at me and smiled and I cried my eyes out.So happy yet so bitter because its so fast.

I love that all my kids are so different and they all have these special places in my heart.

Nilo said...
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jozen said...
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jozen said...

that is one thing i always say i will do more of but don't.

MUST video tape them more!

i guess it's not video tape anymore huh?? i am getting old! LOL

Alely said...

oh you had me laughing at that asian tourist comment!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww she is adorable!! her eyes are soo big, looks just like an anime character hehe!