Wednesday, April 13, 2011

today's finds

I love the local flea market we have here on Wednesdays.

Armed with fortune cookies (story behind that to be told another day), Mo and I shopped through people's wares.

Today we picked up these cool pink metal chairs, two jars (for our save-$-to-go-to-Hawaii fund) and a Sesame Street puzzle which is not pictured because Mo was playing with it when I snapped the photo.

If you haven't been I recommend checking it out -- it's free and fun to peruse. (Another plus: the roach coach there has pretty good carnitas tacos.)


Kati said...

where is it? I'm not normally a flea market/garage sale girl....but your finds have inspired me!

Jen said...

Those chairs are so dang adorable, what finds! I have shelves in my family room just crying for decorations and i've found nothing at the stores. Sounds like I need to hit the flea market!

Alely said...

oh girl those chairs are super cute! great finds and hope that jar for the hawaii fund gets filled up so that you can all take that trip!

happy friday friend!

jozen said...

you guys have the BEST flea markets... hands down.