Thursday, May 5, 2011

a day like today

Warning: This post is way wordy, but being performed as a therapeutic exercise.

Today was one of those days. There was so much crying, I ultimately had to laugh because it was so ridiculous.

Crying Fit #1
The Culprit: Mo
The Place: Early morning, the house
The Scenario: Mo wakes up cranky demanding to watch a show (told you I jinxed myself). Papa tells her to stop crying and to ask mom nicely as he is leaving for work. She continues to scream and cry for a long time. Finally out of nowhere she stops and comes over to cuddle with me.
The Ending: Eggs are made, no show is watched.
Total Crying Time: 15 minutes.

Crying Fit #2
The Culprit: Katie
The Place: Late morning, the park
The Scenario: I peek at the treasure Katie has been collecting and see a broken piece of glass amongst her finds. She tells me it looks like Cinderella’s ice skate. I agree, but inform her that sadly we can’t keep a broken piece of glass. Crying ensues. I am called a bad mom. She tells me she loves this piece of glass more than white bear, that I’m mean, etc.
The Ending: It’s lunchtime, I tell her I’ll take a picture of her treasure before I throw it away. She continues to sob all the way home.
Total Crying Time: 15-20 minutes

Cinderella's Ice Skate taken hastily with my phone

Crying Fit #3
The Culprit: Mo
The Place: Lunchtime, the house
The Scenario: I get lunch ready – I offer turkey and cheese or leftover tortellini. Katie begins to eat. Maddie demands soup. I tell her that we can have soup for dinner. She begins to cry. Katie finishes her meal, serenaded by Mo's screaming. Mo finally comes over to me and rests her head on my leg. I ask her if she wants turkey or tortellini. She says tortellini.
The Ending: She eats 8 pieces of tortellini (huge for Mo), takes her sippy cup half full of milk and leaves. I go looking for her a couple of minutes later and find her in bed.
Total Crying Time: 15-20 minutes

Crying Fit #4 - Part 1
The Culprit: Mo
The Place: After nap, the house
The Scenario: Maddie wakes up and Katie and her cuddle in her bed. I get Katie’s snack ready. Katie tries to leave to have her snack. Maddie cries when Katie tries to leave her.
The Ending: Food trumps her little sister, and Katie eats her snack.
Total Crying Time: 5-10 minutes

Crying Fit #4 - Part 2
The Culprit: Mo
The Place: After nap, the house
The Scenario: I tell Mo its time to get ready for ballet. She tells me she doesn’t want to go, she in fact wants to go swimming. Katie and I proceed to get ready to leave the house. Mo decides she wants to change (not into ballet clothes, mind you), but starts screaming when Katie attempts to help her. She lays down and cries. I go in to help. She demands a dress. I get one down, she says “no, I want dress with one button.” I show her another one, she says no “dat have three buttons, I want one button.”
The Ending: We find a dress with one button, go to ballet and everything is fine.
Total Crying Time: 10 minutes

Crying Fit #5
The Culprit: Katie
The Place: Late afternoon, the house
The Scenario: I walk over to find Katie, brown marker on her fingers and marker in hand writing directly on the craft table. She immediately says, Maddie did it (really?! I think, that's what you're going with on this one?). Words are exchanged, she tells me she doesn’t want me to be her mom, that she only wants dada, and screams to the point of coughing. I let her cry in her room. I try to talk with her where I explain that everyone makes mistakes, that the important thing is to admit when we make poor choices and apologize. She tells me she doesn’t even know how to do that and she won’t. As I’m leaving she is yelling “I’m going to cry for the rest of my life.” Sweet.
The Ending: Katie comes out and apologizes for writing on the table.
Total Crying Time: 25-30 minutes.

And in the end? It's now 9 p.m. and Mo is yelling about being hungry in the other room...


Pren said...

looking forward to all the crying...woot!

jen@odbt said...

There are some days where I feel like Mo. Nothing ever goes right. I hope since today is Friday that automatically means it's a better day/weekend.

Kati said...

ahhhh motherhood. this could easily be our house too! you are not alone!

dana said...

oh man. those are the days that I think, WHY would I ever want to have more kids? And how did my mom have 6??
Sorry it was one of those days. Glad you could laugh about it!

Jen said...

Oh the emotional roller coaster of children...those are the toughest days! Hoping they slept well and are not crying for the rest of their lives today.

Alely said...

oh my what a very tearful day!

Jenn Kirk said...

Becky, as I kept scrolling down, I thought I was finished reading all the crying episodes, but no, each scroll revealed another fit, hahaha. It's so funny to read, only because it's a realization that I'm not the only one suffering from kid drama! So, thank you. :) And when do kids stop crying, BTW? Like, by 7-yrs? Hopefully?