Monday, May 30, 2011

time with friends

My friend Laura lives in Scottsdale and my friend Lyndsay and I went to visit with her last weekend.

Laura had to work Friday morning so I slept in, then headed down to her pool and read my book.

She kept apologizing for having to work.

I kept trying to explain the act of sleeping in alone was vacation enough for me! Add in hours poolside with a book uninterrupted... well, I think I could have just done that all weekend.

We did a mini road trip to Sedona one day. It's so picturesque there.

Laura, Lyndsay (now 6 mo. pregnant) and I used to live in the Bay Area. We were among many other things, theatre buddies. Great theatre is one of the things I do miss about the City.

We saw everything from the pre-Broadway production of Wicked and Movin' Out (they aren't going to talk are they?) to the Producers, A Doll's House and more.

I love how kitchy everything is there. From the availability of maps to the Vortex to palm readers to the abundance of mystical crystals Sedona is a hodgepodge of spirituality.

Forgive the horrible picture quality but I loved the "scientific" explanation of how this particular crystal improved chakras (note the "quantum technologies" statement in the right hand text)

I'd actually love to go back with the family to hike around some more and explore the areas caves and caverns which have always fascinated me.

Next time.


Lyndsay said...

I had such a great time! Dude, I am like all boobs in that pic of us! Looking forward to July and Tales of the City!

Jen said...

Um sleeping in and reading by a pool? There is nothing I am more excited to do...someday...
Add in a weekend with girlfriends and it's the perfect escape! Glad you had fun!

Alely said...

so glad you were able to do a get-away and have girl time with big girls! mommies of young kids need that once in a while : ).