Thursday, May 19, 2011

up next: 1,000 cranes

Miyo made Katie a paper swan last year. Katie's eyes lit up and she has been filled with origami thoughts since.

Later, our friend Lyndsay got Katie some origami books and paper as a gift and Katie was plain giddy.

The problem: I pretty much suck at origami. Katie wanted to make things like an elephant that involved 40+ steps and I was at a loss.

We checked out some new books at the library that looked like they might be more promising for two uber-novices.

I attempted the first project in the "Origami for ages 4 and up" book... and FAILED.

The books sat around until Katie found a DVD in the Trash Origami book (awesome concept by the way).

And, it was like (heavenly) "Ahhhhh!"

I set her up on my computer and she was off to the origami races.

She's actually getting pretty good. Making little envelopes and her new favorite: jumping frogs.

Katie and her fleet of jumping frogs

So, in the end the key was not to get an easier book for mom, it was simply to bypass mom altogether.


Stasia said...

We want one! I showed Ryder and he says Katie can make him one. Guess he's not ready to try it on his own! ;)

Alely said...

lol! glad you were able to find that cd! i tried origami once and totally FAILED!

ricebabies said...

I love you tube, a wealth of tutorials. I can't do origami for anything, I'm terrible at it. Looks like it was a success.

jozen said...

I haven't done origami in ages but I have a feeling I wouldn't be too good at it!

Small Burst said...

What a great idea! I think I'll youtube origami and sit my kids in front of that. That should keep them busy for a bit.