Friday, May 13, 2011

why it's dangerous when your wife has a blog

because old school buddies can be crafty.

Got this in the mail last week from our friend Greg. The photo is from the post on Maddie's birthday party.

What he wrote inside was actually incredibly sweet and nice (thanks Gregory).

The best part was when the girls saw the card.

"Who dat?" Maddie asked.

"Who do you think it is?"

She answered, "Dada," but didn't seem entirely convinced.

Oh, I do miss you boys and your antics (sometimes).


jen@odbt said...

Too funny!

Laura said...


miyo b. said...

wow - looks like all that "training" paid off!

Pren said...

1. its good to know there are others who haven't grown up either.

2. after clicking on greg's name and seeing the pic with ted and greg, the first thing i thought of was "i remember when they used to have hair. like, a lot of it."

dana said...

hahahah. that's hilarious.