Tuesday, May 24, 2011

in the car

Katie (from the backseat): Dada, what’s your favorite thing to do with mommy?

Papa (driving and grinning): Oh, I just like being with her.

Katie: No, what’s your favorite thing to DO with her?

Papa (still grinning): I like to play with mom, you know wrestle.

Katie: I don’t think mom likes that.

Song: No, I don’t think she likes it either.


ricebabies said...

I laughed my head off. We have made a similar joke around my son. Awww, the joys of parenting.

jen@odbt said...

Thank you for the laugh this morning - totally made my day. :)

miyo b. said...

too funny!

jozen said...

hee hee! too funny :) love the photo.

Small Burst said...

LOL. This made me chuckle. I needed that.

Alely said...

oh em gee....too funny!