Sunday, August 1, 2010

maddie's circus party

A circus party ensued in honor of the baby turning two this weekend.

We borrowed parachutes from friends to give the illusion of being under the big top.

There were games.

I had to convince Miyo to help me make the lion game toss because I cannot draw worth a lick.

Miyo: It's just shapes, you can do it.

Me: Just get over here and draw me a lion.

And, of course there was circus paraphernalia for all.

My attempt at a carousel cake.

Maddie really liked the singing of 'Happy Birthday'.

Love that happy little face.

Happy faces eating cake.

And, we were treated to Mica's juggling talents.

He asked Katie to toss him a pin which we all thought was a bad idea hence Mica ducking for his life...

More pics from the photo "booth."


Alely L. said...

oh my goodness! what a fantabulous birthday theme! love it all. the birthday cake turned out beautiful and so did the cupcakes! awww...thanks for sharing! you sure rocked that party theme!

jen@odbt said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! Two already? I can remember finding your blog and she was just a babe. What a great party - love the photobooth with all the props. Great job Momma!

miyo b. said...

i'm cracking up over here - love all the pictures of everyone at the photo booth! what a great party becky - and you say you're not crafty - HA!

Kati said...

Becky that is awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

omg, this is sooo awesome! i love the use of moustaches, her red nose and the beautiful cake!! you are such a wonderful mom to throw maddie such a COOL party like this!

Stasia said...

So sad we missed it. Hope to see you girls this week for a visit and yet another present to open! Yay for Maddie being two!! :)

ricebabies said...

I LOVE it. Looks like so much fun. The parachute was so cool, all of it was. Hope she had a wonderful day.

My 2nd will be 2 sept 20, time flies.

joyfulgirl said...

looks like it was too much fun, becky! so bummed we missed it:(