Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mo the next sally ride?

Maddie is a non-eater.

Her daily intake often consists of something like:

- 5 Puffins for breakfast
- 1 piece of deli meat (the thin 10-calorie kind) and 1 cracker for lunch
- 1/2 yogurt and a 4 good mouthfuls of rice for dinner
- milk

The only thing she will eat regularly are these.

She will eat anything in a pouch. (Yes, the green one in back is broccoli, peas and pears.)

I've been looking for a pouch with protein in it -- maybe a pate version?

Perhaps I need to explore purchasing astronaut food. Anyone know a good place to buy astronaut food cheaply?

I've also been exploring how I might make my own pouches 'o food because these things are pricey.

Oh little Mo, just eat something...


Laura said...

I've got it! You need to figure out how to re-use the pouches. Perhaps you could fill a piping bag full of foie gras and inject it into the little pouch.

Alely L. said...

maybe she'll grow out of this phase...and hopefully soon!