Monday, August 23, 2010

card shark

Katie is loving the new deck of cards we just purchased. She loves to play "go fishing" as she calls it and "war."

Song taught her how to play Blackjack, not entirely sure how appropriate that is, but I suppose we can put it in the "learning math" category.

I need help. What other card games do you play with 4-year old/little one?


Kati said...

Slap Jack, evenly divide the cards...lay down the jack and be the first one to "slap" it. Crazy 8's,

That's all i got....other than canasta....and i still need a cheat sheet for that!

annabski said...

How about Crazy 8's?

Geoyce said...

Each player is assigned or decides what fruit they want to be. The cards are dealt evenly amongst the players. Then players start to lay down cards together and whoever lays down the same card has to say/scream the other person's fruit first. The loser collects all the cards in the pile. Winner is whoever gets rid of all their cards first.

jen@odbt said...

Old Maid - throw in the joker for the old maid. Hmmm. Blackjack for math skills is a great idea.

jozen said...

love that pic! so cute :)

Small Burst said...

My kids really enjoyed it when we tried to make a building out of them. Not really a "card game" but it kept them occupied. Gotta try slap jack with them. I completely forgot about that game.