Sunday, August 8, 2010

from the land of fried & frozen food

In what is fast becoming tradition, we were at the gates of the fair on opening day -- actually opening minute -- last week.

And, I'll say it again.

This girl...

loves rides.
The only possible way to make rides more fun?


I was possibly most pleased with the fact that she met the minimum 42-inch requirement which meant I didn't have to go on rides like this one.

She has been on ump-teen carousels by now in her short life, but it never fails to please.

Katie swore up and down that she remembered from last year the humongous yo-yo ride had a 40-inch minimum requirement.

I kept telling her, "I'm not sure honey, it's awfully big."

Alas, we reached the ride this year and the minimum height requirement was 44 inches. (Thank goodness, because that thing is BIG and goes up WAY high.)

Instead she got her swinging fill on smaller versions.

And, what is better than a girl who won a stuffed panda in a game?

Two girls who won pandas in carnival games of course.

For more details of our adventure you can check out the article I wrote for the local paper here.


jen@odbt said...

Love local carnivals. Your observations are spot on. Their rides are meant to induce nausea and dizziness at least in me :) I can't seem to recover after a ride. I think the best part -- the smiles on your girl's face.

Jen said...

Your little Wickie is one serious adrenaline junkie! So glad we got to do the fair together; my somewhat cautious child was inspired to ride far more this year with her free spirited friends!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww she looks like she had soo much fun!! mr. (or ms.) panda is such a cutie!!

Alely L. said...

looks like a fun filled day!