Wednesday, June 1, 2011

in the bushes

Blueberry picking season has officially begun at one of the farms near us.

We tagged along with some friends this week to gather some bounty.

The girls are actually really good at picking berries now.

And, at only $3.75 a pound -- well, it isn't really child labor, right?

We ended up picking more than 5+ pounds of blueberries.

I'm going to make breakfast for dinner tonight and I'm going to try this recipe because it looked so good.

Part of the berry-picking crew


Small Burst said...

How fun. I've gotta find a blueberry patch around here. My kids would love it. And how good does Sandy's pancakes look?! Amazing! How did your breakfast dinner turn out?

Kati said...

child labor indeed!

Jenn Kirk said...

Its not child labor. Its a return on your investment.

jozen said...

ooohhh! we take the girls berry picking every year.. and they love it!

ps. the hangover 2 was ok, but mind you, i thought the first hangover was only ok too. can you tell it was hub's choice? i was just happy to be able to watch a movie in the theatre!!!

Becky said...

The blueberry pancakes turned out delish!

And, Jenn, that is a very practical way of looking at that-- graphic designer...more like econ major over there...

Alely said...

you know...i've never gone blueberry picking. looks like a lot of fun!