Wednesday, June 8, 2011

do 5-year olds think blondes have more fun?

At Katie's end-of-the-year open house she tells me, "Mama, I drew a picture of you and me, come see!"

I have to say I was excited. She is a Papa's girl. And, I am often reduced to the status of chopped liver when he is around. So any time she singles me out in his presence I have to admit I do feel special.

She guides me around the corner and there we are...

Both blonde with blue eyes. And, looking like we just came from a mother and daughter tanning salon.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE this picture. I'm trying to get her to paint me a tiny version so I can slide it under the glass of my desk.

We just got her class journal and I really like looking at all the different pictures she's drawn throughout the year.

I'm trying to cull down the artwork I keep, taking pictures of the stuff I like but it is difficult as I have two art-producing machines and I don't want to slow them down!

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jen@odbt said...

I love pics of family and self portraits - have our own little gallery wall too. Now I can't stop singing the oompa loompa song. :)