Tuesday, June 14, 2011

maddie meets monet / katie covets chagall

Today I took the girls to an art museum for the first time.

Mo had little interest, she kept walking around saying "me no touch da art, right mama?" in a sort of Rainman way.

I'm thinking of taking Katie back as she seemed to really enjoy it.

She was able to describe to Papa in detail later that night her favorite piece of the day -- floating fish, painter in the background and all -- which I was surprised by.

Blue Angel by Marc Chagall, Katie's favorite piece of the day

Now, don't get me wrong while they did fine in the museum the stairway back to the car provided WAY more fun. We spent at least 15 minutes playing on these.

"Did you like the museum girls?"

"Yes, mama."

Two minutes later going down the ramps in the parking structure, "Wee!!!! Mama, this is fun, do it again!"

And later, "Mama, can we come back so we can go down those ramps again?"


jozen said...

awe... so sweet! I haven't taken my girls yet.... maybe this summer.

ricebabies said...

My oldest had been, but I haven't gotten all three of them out yet. I love to ask my son what he thinks of art, he always has something insightful or hilarious to say.

Thanks for guest posting while I was in Hawaii. I had so many people (local) tell me how much they loved it. Especially my mom. he he

I'm in the only one in a mix for a long line of family ties.

Small Burst said...

Yea, the art museum is just so-so with my kids. They really love the natural history museum and seeing dinosaur bones and animals.