Thursday, June 30, 2011

out and about: hiking

We've gone on a couple of hikes recently.

The key to a successful hike with the Little Wickies?

1) Friends

2) Snacks

Yesterday we checked out a little creek and swimming hole.

super tiny lizard we found on the trail

Katie still talks about the "amazing" heart (yes, yet another piece of glass) we saw on one of our hikes.

Ah, nature at its best, right?


Jennifer said...

That little creek and swimming hole looks like so much fun.... where is that?

jozen said...

perfect summertime adventure!!!

Kati said...

yes share! that looks like an ideal place for kids....and is it a hike easily done with a baby in an ergo??

Becky said...

It's over by meiner's oaks. Take the 33 to Baldwin (L) then take your second right on Rice. After about a mile or two you'll see a dirt lot on the left. The trails start there. It's less than a mile to the stream/pool.

Let me know if you want trail directions, I have kind of done it by "feel" in the past, and won't be able to give you exact directions, but will do my best.

Maddie walked most of it, but I brought my ergo to take her back at the end. Go early, it gets hot out there.