Wednesday, April 21, 2010

little mutts

I love that my Little Wickies are a mix of three different ethnicities. They have two grandpas, one halmoni and a po-po.

Unfortunately, we're pretty "American," with zero languages other than English being spoken in the house (I know, what a waste. At least we know our way around the likes of good Shepherd's Pie, Dim Sum and bulgolgi.)

I do know looking "different" especially in our town will most likely play a role in their lives in some way or another.

But I guess in the end my Little Wickies are made from and surrounded by love and that's all that matters.


Jennifer said...

Becky, such a nice post. I think it is wonderful that your girls have such a mix. Hopefully, it will allow them a greater view of our world. My kids are white, and will grow up lacking any ethnic culture.

jen@odbt said...

I found myself nodding along. We're pretty American too...I try to give them snippets of their filipino side. The best part is they get the best of all worlds and are so loved :)

ricebabies said...

Ha ha. I try my best to include filipino food and teach what little words I have learned from my husbands side of the family.

I think that down the road, our kis won't look so differnt, so many mixed familes now. Just take you, me and Jen =)

Me said...

What a wonderful post about your girls. I have two "halfies" I believe it's a Canadian term, or at least that's what I heard when I lived in Vancouver, BC. They are a wonderful blend of Filipino, Chinese, Swiss and English.

I have attached a link to my blog, where I have posted the pictures of my kids. Thanks for sharing this!

S + Y said...

Halmoni!!!!! Yesssssss. Mixed children are seriously the CUTEST. You have the most adorable girls in the world!!!