Monday, April 26, 2010

strange case of

Dr. Jekyll

and Ms. Hyde
Madeleine is my "mellow" child. As many second children are, she has often been subject to sitting through gymnastics, ballet and soccer practice and pushed through her nap time in addition to other indignities that Katie rarely had to endure.

Mo generally takes it in stride and is pretty much a trooper 99 percent of the time.

But, when that girl gets ticked about something -- she is TICKED.

And yesterday, she was apparently ticked a good portion of the day. Unfortunately for Papa he had the girls yesterday as I was gone (see soccer, flea market, outing reference below).

Thank you Papa, guess you were the trooper yesterday.


jozen said...

AWE! i love this post and the adorable pics.

my 2nd isn't the mellow one, my oldest is. Pia is quite the character, she can make me laugh in 2 seconds flat and is always ready to plant a big fat kiss on my cheek.

she is my baby and i don't want her to grow up (or my oldest for that matter)

jen@odbt said...

I have a hard time believing that cute little girl can get angry or upset. Yet I remember when my little girl was that age...she definitely knew what she wanted and had a temper (still does!).

miyo b. said...

this is for mr. becky - thanks for being a trooper!!! and c'mon, maddie, even at her grumpiest, is far easier than most 22 month olds.

Me said...

Even though the first picture is supposed to be a frightening one, it really is adorable!

I have to say, my second one use to be the mellow child, but is now going through a whole range of emotions that her brother carries home with him from preschool.

I guess the good thing is, she's doing this at the same time he is, so I'm hoping it ends sooner as well!

S + Y said...

I love your girls!!! Really adorable pictures, Becky. Such a lovely blog.