Sunday, April 11, 2010

noah's big day

Noah's red egg party was what took us up the Bay Area on our last trip.

Papa and I were pretty excited about heading into Chinatown for some good grub.

Red egg card by Katie

Katie was excited about the other kids that were there. This included her all-time favorite "older" friend Mantha.

Baby Noah must have had 10,000 pictures taken of him. The little man was tuckered out by the end.

Later during quiet time Katie and I commandeered Halmoni's fireplace and built this.

I still have no idea what the giant black "X" is about.

I just loved Katie's pink giraffe.

And, the world's largest turtle who looks like he's scaring the bageezes out of the girl in our sailboat.
Coincidentally you won't find it shocking that we went through an entire ream of construction paper over the course of the weekend.


Laura said...

Wow...what a beautiful art display! I see some serious talent there. Can Katie come to my house and decorate my fireplace and mantle?

jozen said...

i can see why baby noah had 10,000 photos taken! he is ADORABLE!