Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i've come a long way, baby

I am so frickn' domestic these days all I can do is laugh sometimes.

I recently made jam for the third year in a row.

As I was dropping cans into an enormous pot of boiling water with my new fancy canning tongs (which I LOVE) I thought back to my days spent in suits, when I would have a headset virtually permanently attached for conference calls, when I would spend hours on currency Web sites trying to figure out budgets in different countries.

Oh how my life has changed. And, for the better I might add.

Instead of approving Web site design and copy, I create my own jam labels.

Instead of telling executives what to say to the media, I help my four-year old memorize her prayers for Bible school so she can get a prize.

Instead of planning trade show events, I make weekly tents, caves and forts.

I now know where every park is in my city. I know all the words to the song "Trash Truck." I can whip up a dinner that includes every food group in less than a half hour with no advanced planning.

I'm thinking of adding these as bullet points to my CV. What do you think?

The best thing about my job bar none: I get to look at these two mugs all day long.


joyfulgirl said...

such sweet top dollar career in a suit can top the reward of seeing your kids grow up.

also, totally jealous of your jam making (and label making) abilities. teach me. teach me:)

Small Burst said...

holy wow! you can sell your jam they look so yummy and you did a great job on the labels. You girls are so beautiful. I love this picture of them!

Sandy a la Mode said...

YES, you need to add all of those things to your CV! you are an amazing woman to be a mommy of two little girls! i don't know how you do it... even babysitting my nephew for a morning was tough enough!!

btw, can i have some of your jam please??? =)

jen@odbt said...

Am I the only one singing Jam on It? ;) Love homemade jam but have never attempted to make it. Would love your less than 30 minute dinner recipes...having a hard time coming up with meals since we're at the pool til 5 most days.

Life is good!

Jen said...

Love this post and couldn't agree more...nothing in my life has ever been this rewarding.
And what a gorgeous pic of your girls, looking so alike these days!

Food and Loathing said...

I made jam for the first time a few months ago. After one goopy batch, the rest came out really well and I was thrilled. Now I can make jam, but my labels are a mess. Your jam jars are too cute!

jozen said...

i LOVE this post!

i totally think you have these wonderful points to your CV.

I am at my happiest when I am doing things for my family.

Stasia said...

This post made me cry! I am so jealous ... what a beautiful life you have, Becky. :)

Stasia said...

This post made me cry! I am so jealous ... what a beautiful life you have, Becky. :)

Alely L. said...

ditto! it's the best job ever! time is fleeting so enjoy and cherish every single moment. they grow quickly so don't blink! i've posted a little giveaway on my blog post today along with a bloggy friend meet up (small burst) come by and take a peek!