Friday, June 4, 2010

down on the farm

Headed out to the farm this week with Halmoni.

Mo really liked picking raspberries.

Almost as much as she enjoyed picking choice rocks.

There were also sunflowers you could pick which we thought was going to be great.

That was until we realized some of the stalks were upwards of an inch in diameter.

Miyo tried twisting some off until I found a tiny, and I mean tiny, knife on my key chain.

We tirelessly sawed at the flowers until we each had a nice bouquet (and sufficiently mangled enough plants).

Lesson learned: ask them for clippers before you hike out to the back of the farm where the flowers are.
The little ones were trying to touch a gigantic black bee in the sweet peas.

Those two were d-i-r-t-y by the end of the outing.


Alely L. said...

so cute! looks like everyone had a fun day! have a great weekend!

jen@odbt said...

I hope you washed the rocks :) My kids are fascinated by the same things.

Stasia said...

Oh my goodness those are some great pictures. You girls have so much fun together and your kids reflect that happiness. The dirt on the face is just a bonus!

miyo b. said...

what a fun morning!!! love going to the farm with friends!

jozen said...

looks like a grand time!