Friday, June 18, 2010

futbol & four-year-olds

Confession: I watch soccer on Spanish stations.

So you have to understand it's pretty darn exciting when soccer is actually on English-speaking stations -- and in HD to boot.

Yes people, I'm talking about the World Cup.

What I'm loving perhaps even more is watching with my girls.

Each match we get our globe out and find the countries who are squaring off.

We see how far each is from the U.S. and because I'm talking with Kaitlyn the conversation usually digresses into how long the plane flight would be to each country, how hot it is there right now, if they are in the same/different season we are in, how many people live in the country, etc.

Focus girl!

I'm trying to make this marginally educational -- the point is to watch soccer!

Here are some Katie-isms while watching World Cup soccer (and just think we're only in group play right now):

- "Mama, can we watch Butter Cup soccer together?"

- "What is that buzzing, why does it sound like bees?" (referring to the loud vuvuzelas you incessantly hear)

- "Which team has more players?"

- "Don't score white team!"

- "I think we should root for Germany because it's closer to us (than Serbia)."

And btw, the score should have been 3-2.


Jenn Kirk said...

Haha, love it. And probably the first time I've ever heard vuvuzalas referred to as bumble bees. Usually, people use four-letter adjectives when talking about them.

jen@odbt said...

Thanks for the idea - I'm bringing our globe down so we can all learn where these countries are. We're loving all the soccer!

Kristin said...

That is so cute! I always wanted to play soccer as a kid and then I tried out for high school soccer. Apparently that was not the time to try to learn. Whereas the other girls were kicking the ball perfectly around the cones I was running all over the field chasing my ball.

Alely L. said...

i love seeing little girls in their soccer uniforms! my little girl who is a big girl now still plays soccer.

VENus said...

Your daughters are beautiful! :)