Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Alas, today we retire Madeleine's cat boots. Her little toes are finally too big and were rubbed red after a morning of play.

If you've seen Madeleine in the past 8 months it's highly likely you've seen these boots.

She has seemingly refused to wear nothing but them for some time now.

"Boooos" she shouts when she wants them. Heck, it was one of her first words -- though I'll be honest, I think part of that is courtesy of watching Dora.

Farewell Booos, you'll be missed.


jen@odbt said...

It is sad when a favorite piece of clothing bites the dust but I'm sure something else will be a favorite soon.

Small Burst said...

love these boots. My daughter has the same one. They are adorable and I'll be sad when my daughter outgrows them because they're a favorite. LIttle rain boots look so cute on little girls in any outfit! BTW I'll be posting my bbq kalbe recipe on small burst for you today sometime.

Alely L. said...

i love little kiddy rain boots! i saw some at target yesterday and wanted to buy a pair for my niece because i agree with small burst that little rain boots on little girls are so cute!