Monday, June 7, 2010

(almost) summer nights

The Little Wickies love to play after dinner. And, Mama is loving the late day light for pictures.

We play baseball -- skirts and skins.

We can't seem to get a shirt on Maddie in the afternoon these days.

Pants yes, but shirts she refuses.

She looks like a little boy running around with only jeans on. Papa has taken to calling her "Matt."

As for Katie, she thinks skirts are appropriate for all athletic endeavors from baseball to biking to running.


Kati said...

that last pic is the best!!!

miyo b. said...

love the picture of maddie holding the bat with the sun rays streaming in the front of the picture - just gorgeous! taken with the slr i assume?

jen@odbt said...

Best time of the day. Matt ... that cracked me up. I agree with miyo - that pic of Maddie holding the bat is beautiful.

ricebabies said...

GREAT photos!!!!
I love the contrast in the girls. I have three sisters, all very different, Im the tomboy of them all.=)

Sandy a la Mode said...

late daylight is the golden hour for pictures!! love the SUN in all your photos!!

Becky said...

yes, taken with my SLR -- why not didn't have to lug it anywhere since we were just in our front yard!

Alely L. said...

they are such super adorable cuties!