Monday, May 24, 2010

in a race

to back things up.

What? You ask.
Katie ran her first "race" this weekend (a 1-mile fun run).

But, it got me to thinking. I feel like I'm in a losing race to back up the zillion pictures we take monthly.

My system -- if you can call it that -- is to burn photos on to CDs.

I am seriously behind. No really, like July 09 behind.

I've been looking into external drives (I've heard ClickFree is a good one) as well as online photo storing sites (Flickr as well as online storage options).

I know y'all take photos.

What do you know? What is your system?

Input please.


jean said...

i don't know if it's the best way, but i have an external hard drive dedicated just to pictures. instead of transferring them to my computer, i stick the pictures straight into the hard drive (organized by month & day) and pick the ones i like to blog/print. works for me so far :)

Tabitha said...

I love flickr pro (around $25/year) for all my favorite photos, and it lets me share them with my friends and family easily. I don't put everything up there because I usually take about 500-800 photos per month and then I also have an external hard drive that I keep everything on at home. I am planning to buy duplicate external hard drive and leave it at Greg's work for an off-site back up. I used to do the write to DVD thing and it was WAY to much of a pain.

jen@odbt said...

I'm researching online backup companies but haven't had much luck. I do save my pics on an external hard drive and also burn them to dvd by year. Not much help here but if you find a better system, I'd love to know it too.

Alely L. said...

as of late, i've been taking my memory card to costco. downloading all my pics on a cd and writing the dates of the time period that's on the cd. it only costs $3.00!

Sandy a la Mode said...

man i take sooo many photos as well and don't have enough room to store them all! i need to really go thru them all and delete the duplicates! well what i do is load them all on an external hard drive, and then save the ones i really want to use for blog posting to my computer and then i compress them in picasa. i probably could use a better system though or a bigger external hard drive hehe!

ricebabies said...

I suggest an external harddrive. You wont regret it. Its better than burning discs (which one day may be gone much like vhs).Plus you dont worry about them getting scratched, and they will take up less room in the long run.

I teach photography and I always suggest it to my students.

Hope that helps.

Prentice said...

external hard drives are so cheap these days, and its way less time consuming than burning photos. as a newly converted mac user (just bought a macbook pro for home) i heard the time capsule is easy and reliable.

we also use flickr pro, which saves us a lot of room locally. then again, we're still a little over a month away from the kid coming, so i'm sure we'll see a significant uptick in picture taking at that point...perhaps i'll revisit the issue then...

Small Burst said...

I just signed up on Flikr but have used Shutterfly and have created memory books. I've also used to create memory books that look really great.