Tuesday, May 18, 2010

san diego - the hotel, the food, the sites, the rides...

I consider myself more of a minimalist when it comes to blogging. However, as I've mentioned before we don't vacation all that often, so when we do I tend to click away even more than usual.

That said, here we go...

When we arrived Katie was immediately enamored with our hotel room.

"Let's head down to the pool girls."

"I think I just want to hang out in the room Mama," she responded sprawling out on the bed.

Maddie on the other hand loved the hallway. She would break into this happy run each and every time we left the room to go somewhere.

Sea World was a hit. We saw all the shows.

We looked at things.

We touched things.

Possibly one of the biggest highlights was the Pets Rule show. After the show we got to "meet" some of the animals.

Glad we traveled all the way to San Diego to pet a dog.

As I mentioned previously, we did our fair share of eating on this trip.

Manhole pancake at the Potato Shack Cafe.

In the end I felt like we went from this.

To this.
Notice my little non-eater is still little in the second picture.

Legoland was also fun. We rode rides.

And, more rides.
Katie loved this one along with one of the roller coasters 3x each.

And, even more rides.

Unfortunately there were few rides Maddie could go on.

But she enjoyed climbing around in different play areas.

And, of course there were the self-made entertainment activities such as stomping in any small puddle of water she could locate.

Oh, and she was extremely pleased to have found her pocket.

Sometimes it's good to be one and easily entertained.


ricebabies said...

Got your houses in the mail. =)

I came from Texas, and I hae seen big pancakes...but THAT one....wordless. ha ha

jozen said...

looks like a great trip! i love san diego, when i was a little girl, we would spend entire summers there with family.

Small Burst said...

What a fun time! Everyone looks so happy. And the pancakes-wow!!

jen@odbt said...

My kids are always more interested in the hotel room vs. the location too. That pancake is ginormous! What a fun vacation. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Laura said...

It looks like you had a blast. I love the pic of Katie looking in the aquarium.

jean said...

isn't funny how pets rule is the highlight of sear world? my kids love that show too!

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