Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i love my life right now but

I miss traveling.

I just came across some pictures from our New Zealand/Fiji trip. It was our last big trip before we had kids. I thought I'd share some of them because -- sigh, it was a great trip.

New Zealand is an amazing place. It has beautiful glaciers, beaches, farmland and more. We spent multiple weeks taking trains and driving around mostly the southern island.

The people were so nice it was ridiculous. Every time we had a map out, a local would come over to us and ask us if they could help us out -- no joke.

The trip was Song's idea, so I have to give him credit for planning it. We did some really fun activities like black water rafting, regular white water rafting and canyoning.

I can't state enough times how gorgeous everything was. We had a couple of hotel reservations every couple of days and kind of wung it in between.

One of the best "detours" we took was to Milford Sound. The drive in -- which many people hike -- was just breathtaking.

When we got there we took a boat out to see what was essentially a land of waterfalls. I don't think I've ever seen that many waterfalls in such a small area.

I miss traveling because things are different than home. Like the fact that happy hours start a little later there.

And, they have super tall police officers who wear the shortest shorts (I know, we visited countless cities in New Zealand, and this is what I tell you about).

Fiji was also fabulous. Less adventurous, more relaxing though -- reminiscent of our Tahiti trip.

After flying into Fiji we took a puddle jumper, and then boat to the tiny, and I mean tiny, island of Mantangi.

It's a private island and we, along with a handful of other people, were the only people staying there.

Song still talks about having an outdoor shower someday.

I do think we'll travel more when the girls are a little older (and, I work a bit more).

I have visions of taking them to places like New York to see shows, Paris to eat crepes and baguettes and even back to New Zealand.

I have big plans for the Little Wickies.


Tabitha said...

We also have plans to do big vacations again, but we are waiting until the girls are old enough to really remember them. So it won't be for 5 more years or so. But on our list is Alaska, the UK, and New Zealand also. Your amazing pictures make me more confident that New Zealand would be a wonderful destination. Did you see the glow worms in the underwater caves? I hear they are very neat.

MOm said...

Wow. Brian and I have never been on a vacation together, and now I see exactly what we've missed. What beautiful photos and memories you have.


jen@odbt said...

What an awesome vacation & adventure! Your pictures are amazing especially the one of you jumping. You were smart to do a big trip before kids...that is one thing I wish we did.

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh wow, this looked like a BEAUTIFUL and fun trip! i've always wanted to go to fiji/bora bora/australia/new zealand on a trip sometime!! i must make it happen, hopefully before we have kids!! i'm going to look up ticket prices now, just for the heck of it haha!

Becky said...

Tabitha - yes, we saw the glow worms in the waitomo caves where you go in intertubes with the light on your helmet. It was pretty cool.

Sandy - we didn't do Australia b/c it was so big and we only had 3 weeks. We figured we could see more going to Fiji and NZ. I would totally recommend it. It was one of the best vacations we ever took. We've doon Tahiti (Bora Bora and Moorea) and loved it there too.

Jen said...

So true, gotta do some serious traveling before kids! I always wanted to make an Australia/NZ trip happen and it just didn't...and 3 kids just doesn't make it look possible anytime soon. We went to Moorea for our honeymoon and I'm so glad we did since we won't afford another vacation like that til we're old and gray! ;) Maybe I need to dig those old pics out to remind myself...

Gracie said...

Aw thanks for your lovely comment! New Zealand is definitely a place I want to visit someday (especially because they are only a few hours away from Australia)

dana said...

on WOW. that's all i can say. thanks for posting these. SO cool