Monday, May 3, 2010

herbie who?

While being a freelance writer does not always pay well, you do fortunately get some perks every once in a while.

This weekend we were lucky enough to go to the Herbie Hancock concert which is part of the Ventura Music Festival.

For the last week or so I was letting Katie watch Herbie Hancock music performances on YouTube.

"Mama, who is this?"

"It's Herbie Hancock honey."

"Who's Herbie Hancock"

"Just watch, he's the man playing the piano."

At least a half a dozen times she sat down at the computer and we had a similar conversation which always included the statement, "Who's Herbie Hancock?"

Usually Katie is a sponge. Most things I say -- especially those things I don't want her to hear -- she remembers (and repeats back in the most inconvenient of times of course).

So, I was a little concerned.

photo from VC Star
At the concert Katie and I are looking at the musicians on stage.

"Do you see the man with the bass guitar?"


"Do you see the man on the drums? And, the man playing the piano."

"Mom," she says in a patronizing voice, "That's Herbie Hancock."

Like, duh.

I try to have a lot of different music on in our house (sans the rap from Song's earlier days).

I want music to be a positive element in their lives. I'm not a musician, and don't want to force my kid to play an instrument. But, I hope they do.

Right now I'm trying to keep the whole music concept very fun.

How do you incorporate music in your household? Do your kids play instruments? When did they start?


Kati said...

Music is a huge part in our family. Jared's family has annual "hoe-downs"....banjo's, guitars,'s pretty cool since I don't play a thing. Jared tries to get out his guitar once a week to play some songs with the boys...I just look on and wonder if I should buy a tambourine.....that's as far as my musical abilities go.

jen@odbt said...

I want music in their lives too but don't want to force it upon them. I remember being tortured with piano lessons and resented it (I was being a spoiled you-know-what). Now I can't play a single note and I wish I could play.

We always have the ipod on and we dance around. They haven't been to any real concerts although we try to hit the free ones they have in the summer.

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE that vintage suitcase that you bought awhile back! i want one JUST like it, no joke! i think a light blue or turqoise color would be just fantastic!!

btw your kids are adorable!! i think i already told you that but i may say it again.. on every post where you have their pics haha!

Alely L. said...

yes, we've exposed them to a few instruments...all three to piano, my son the saxophone, my middle girl the guitar....they all eventually stopped and i'm sure they'll have regrets when their older.

Laura said...

I was forced (like Jen) to take piano as a child. Then in 3rd grade I switched to Saxaphone which I loved. Once I got to Jr. High I was so glad to be able to read music and I picked up clarinet. I felt I had a leg up being able to read music while the other kids were just learning.

I'll be signing my kids up for piano. Even if they hate it, I think they'll appreciate it when they are older just as I did.

I think the fact that we have so many instruments available to the kids at any time...playing will be something they'll naturally want to do...I hope. You'll have to send Katie and Maddie over to "play band" with us.

Willitz said...

When Georgia has one of her screaming fits it's in the same key as the Titanic theme.

Does that count?